Counseling and therapy first begin with recognizing your problem areas, and then carefully finding solutions by addressing each individual’s differences and working to resolve them amicably.

While marriage counseling and couples counseling may mean the same thing to some people, the therapy involving couples may also include premarital counseling for those working towards marriage.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, couples will be able to:

  • Improve Communication: The counselling sessions will help restore communication and improve intimacy again. All parties are allowed to speak their mind, express thoughts and feelings whilst the counsellor facilities the process of effective communication.
  • Enhance Relations And Strengthen Bonds: Conflict is inevitable in relationships and is often anxiety provoking. In a family setting, the relationship can be soured by jealousy and different personal interests. The same traits may be evident in a romantic relationship. These issues tend to culminate with ugly feuds and fights. This workshop will help you to have a better understanding of self and the others in the relationship.
  • When Dealing With A Divorce: In family relationships as well as romantic relationships, a disconnect and discord will often be what tears them apart. Divorce is a sad outcome that most counsellors do their best to help couples and families to avoid. However, some couples are often too quick to go the divorce route seeing it as a faster and simpler solution to avoid the problems they face in their relationship.
  • Build A Successful Family And Marriage: In the family setting, children pick up the traits of who they become later in life from what they see and hear around them. How their parents and siblings behave, sometimes even how their friends behave, will influence who they may become. A family setting where the parents are always at conflict is never the ideal place for children to grow up in, and the curtains close on such a setting with a divorce. However, the relationship counselling benefits also extend to a family setting. The counselling sessions can help every family member to improve at a personal level and to reconnect together as a family unity ultimately helping children feel more safe and secure.

Luciana Habib Master NLP

Many years ago, I found myself carrying a multitude of responsibilities at a young age.  It wasn’t until I came across Neuro-Linguistic-Programming that I began to create positive change by unleashing my full potential through utilizing the power of my mind.

One day you wake up and your daily habits are the only things you do. You find yourself accepting others’ definition of what your life should be and who you are, not doing anything new because it doesn’t fit into your routine, and ultimately repeating the same day over and over again, 365 at a time! You fall into the routine that is your life and forget to live.

Today, being a master in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I help people heal with a new purpose and deep self awareness using proven techniques.

Join me so that we understand what’s happening with our lives and re-invent a fulfilling journey together.

4 sessions will be comprised of both activities and lectures. This course does not require any prior knowledge in psychology or in NLP.

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