If you have ever wanted to make your team more effective, get better communication between members of staff and departments, “get through” to staff and customers more powerfully, have your ability to make sales, negotiate and persuade boosted, make better presentations, motivate and share vision while overcoming objections and obstacles, then it’s time you considered Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) to enhance your business.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, entrepreneurs will learn:

  • To Focus your own performance goals so that you can achieve beyond what you previously thought possible.
  • To Shift to a powerful Business, entrepreneurial and Neuro-linguistic Programming mindset.
  • Which are your steps to incorporate NLP into your work or passions to boost and launch your ideas.
  • To envisioning, to use strategical thinking and make effective and smart decisions.
  • To engage in different internal states and use them to create, launch and manage your products, ideas, projects.
  • To shift patterns of communication and function better within yourself as an entrepreneur or with your team as a manager.
  • Choose to shift organizational roles and understand their value in the projects.
  • To use management, Visionary thinking, Critical thinking, Leadership, with new NLP frames.
  • To Enhance your impact in sales situations, negotiations, or even simply when influencing candidates, clients or colleagues.
  • Be able to change mind-sets (your own, and other peoples).
  • Tune into previously hidden levels of knowledge about the people you are dealing with, to help you to read people with effortless ease and accuracy.
  • Open up many more choices about the way you operate in any given situation,so that you have the flexibility to respond to the unexpected.
  • Adapt everything you do in a way that resonates for the people you are interacting with. They will really feel that you understand them at a deeper level.
  • Find a much better “fit” – not just looking at someone’s skills and behaviours,but really establishing whether their core motivators and values are a good match for the employer.

Luciana Habib Master NLP

Many years ago, I found myself carrying a multitude of responsibilities at a young age.  It wasn’t until I came across Neuro-Linguistic-Programming that I began to create positive change by unleashing my full potential through utilizing the power of my mind.

One day you wake up and your daily habits are the only things you do. You find yourself accepting others’ definition of what your life should be and who you are, not doing anything new because it doesn’t fit into your routine, and ultimately repeating the same day over and over again, 365 at a time! You fall into the routine that is your life and forget to live.

Today, being a master in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I help people heal with a new purpose and deep self awareness using proven techniques.

Join me so that we understand what’s happening with our lives and re-invent a fulfilling journey together.

4 sessions will be comprised of both activities and lectures. This course does not require any prior knowledge in psychology or in NLP.

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