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As a NLP coach, you’ll basically be helping your clients to find a sense of direction, motivation, encouragement, and satisfaction in life. In other words, you’ll be helping them make a positive change or improvement in their lives. This could come through how they relate with others, their perception of things in life, their level of self-confidence, how they react to or deal with difficult situations. You’ll also be helping your clients to identify the hurdles holding them back in life and how they can overcome or move past them. This could include things like challenges in breaking addictive or bad habits, elevated stress levels, low creativity, a lack of social fulfillment, and so forth.

Build you coaching career in 2022

Are you motivated to do something to help others?
If any of the following descriptions fit you, you might be ready for a new career as a certified NLP Coach

You’ll basically be helping your clients to find a sense of direction, motivation, encouragement, and satisfaction in life.

Who is NLP for?👇👇

NLP is for YOU if you are interested in developing yourself and your communication skills – personally and/or professionally.


⚡Professional Coaching(life coach, parent coach..)
⚡Sports Coaching
⚡Leadership and Business
⚡Human Resources
⚡Learning and Development
⚡Training and Public Speaking
⚡Marketing professionals
⚡Therapy & Counselling
⚡Banking and Finance
⚡Personal Training and Athlete development

Luciana Habib Master NLP

Many years ago, I found myself carrying a multitude of responsibilities at a young age.  It wasn’t until I came across Neuro-Linguistic-Programming that I began to create positive change by unleashing my full potential through utilizing the power of my mind.

One day you wake up and your daily habits are the only things you do. You find yourself accepting others’ definition of what your life should be and who you are, not doing anything new because it doesn’t fit into your routine, and ultimately repeating the same day over and over again, 365 at a time! You fall into the routine that is your life and forget to live.

Today, being a master in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I help people heal with a new purpose and deep self awareness using proven techniques.

Join me so that we understand what’s happening with our lives and re-invent a fulfilling journey together.

If you have the qualities above or the capacity to develop them, NLP coaching might be the perfect fit for you.

✅ NLP Coaching Program
starts 18 April 2022

Course duration: 10 full life changing days (7.00 pm– 10.30 pm each day)

Dates: 18, 21, 25, 28 April
& 9, 12, 16, 19, 23 & 26 May
-All days must be attended-

These 10 days will open up your mind and body to limitless possibilities.✈️✈️

Live on ZOOM

Investment fees:

Early Early Bird Discount: 1,600 cash USD (Registration before end of March
Early bird Discount: 1,900 cash USD (Registration before April 6)
Regular Price: 2,500 cash USD (Registration after April 6)

Certificates are given from the International NLP Training Association, USA.
You will obtain NLP Diploma & NLP practitioner certificates

Take responsibility for yourself and every area of your life

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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